What are the best In-ground Pool Safety covers?

Safety and energy efficiency are two terms that should go hand in hand with most products these days as push to provide a better impact on the environment and ensuring that we are all safer, healthier and happier in our everyday lives.

This can also be applied to the amenities we use in our own homes, particularly the pool. Pools, whilst a fun and exciting addition to any home that provides a great place to have fun and cool off when it’s hot, also are dangerous, especially to children.

Child drowning sadly accounts for a large number of the statistics attributed to pool safety injuries and incidents, therefore pushing a greater emphasis on safety. Whilst this is done well through the necessity of a safety fence surrounding the in-ground pool area, this is not a foolproof stopgap that will end all the problems.

Pool covers are also another avenue in which safety can be improved, with in-ground pool safety covers offering an additional layer of protection as well as other benefits.


What are the reasons why you should purchase an in-ground pool cover?

There are many reasons you would want to purchase want to purchase a safety cover. Some of these are:

  1. Keeping family members (especially children) safe from the harms of the water when an adult is not around. This is perhaps the most viable reason for wanting a safety cover.
  2. Keeping the pool clean and free of leaves, sticks, debris and other materials is also a concern, as they would affect the health and cleanliness of the water. Additionally keeping the pool clean and cool, saving energy and also money from water evaporation are also in the mix.
  3. Capturing solar energy is one of the features you can have with a safety cover. In some cases, pool covers are electronically operated and will received their power through solar panels, that not only provide the power for it to operate but also provide automatic covering and uncovering when there is light in the area.

This solar energy can also be used to power other components of the pool and are not limited to the pool cover entirely. Solar powered pool lighting can give you illumination for night time swims, or it could route additional power to a pool heater if you wish to keep the water warm and swimmable in the colder months.

A good cover that absorbs solar heat is the:


Swim Time Solar Blanket

Blue Wave NS420 12 mil Solar Blanket For Rectangular In-Ground Pools, 16' W x 32' L x 0.5" H, Blue
  • UV-RESISTANT - Built for the outdoors, this Rectangular 12-mil Solar Blanket for In-Ground Swimming Pools can withstand exposure to UV radiation and will tolerate even the most intense sunlight.
  • INNOVATIVE HEAT SOURCE - Our technology employs insulating thermal bubbles that trap heat from the sun. These innovative cells retain warmth for effective heat retention even through cool summer nights and cloudy days.
  • EXTENDS THE SEASON - This thick 12-mil blanket uses passive solar heating to increase your swimming pool's temperature up to 15 degrees Fahrenheit.


  1. Preventing spills from the pool. This also links in to the energy efficiency of the pool cover. Maintaining the water in your pool is one of the key components of the cover as it can be extremely expensive to constantly refill your pool after it is depleted by evaporation.

The safety provided by the pool cover is very important, as that is the whole reason you are purchasing one in the first place. Flimsy and weaker materials may be cheaper and appear to be strong at first glance, but over time they will begin to feel the effects of wear and tear as well as impact from human factors.

In some cases, a person falling on a less than safe pool cover can cause tears and breakages that are not at all safe and might end up costing you more than just the price of a new safety pool cover.

Purchasing a stronger materials will ensure that the life of the cover remains for a significantly longer period of time as well as improve its durability against factors that it is trying to protect, such as children and animals walking across, falling debris and heavy wind and rain. A type of a strong cover is the:


Dirt Defender In-Ground Winter Pool Cover

Blue Wave Bronze 8-Year 20-ft x 40-ft Rectangular In Ground Pool Winter Cover
  • Pool size: 20 feet x 40 feet
  • Cover size: 25 feet x 45 feet
  • Number of 8 feet water tubes needed: 16


What are the different types of in-ground pool safety cover?

There are a variety of different types of in-ground pool safety covers you can employ when securing your in-ground pool. They can be automatic or manual, with the automatic ones being much more expensive and requiring specific installation processes.

Automatic: One such brand, which provides automatic pool covers, is Aqualife. Their brand touts a pool cover that is solar operated, provides excellent coverage all year around and safety features that are backed up by the electronic access of the pool cover.

The strength of the cover also improves on the safety of it, making it harder for a person to fall through, particular if there is an inquisitive child walking about around the pool when they shouldn’t be.

Non-Automatic: A non-automatic alternative could come in the form of a solid or mesh safety pool cover. These designs allow you to cover the pool with strong and durable material that covers every inch of water and makes it difficult for wandering feet to unhinge the placement, stumble into the water or cause the pool cover to collapse from within.

An example of a mesh pool cover is the:


Robelle Dura-Guard Mesh In-Ground Pool Cover

Robelle 402040R Dura-Guard Mesh Winter Pool Cover for In-Ground Swimming Pools, 20 x 40-ft. In-Ground Pool
  • Attractive gray and black mesh
  • Dense mesh allows water to pass through, while keeping debris out of your pool
  • 4 foot overlap (Includes 4 feet of extra material)


Installing the in-ground pool safety cover can sometimes be done by hand, however it is best to get a professional to complete this task and ensure that is done correctly the first time. If you learn the correct way (For manual) from a professional it can assist in future applications of the cover and prevent additional problems occurring if you were not to apply it correctly.



As always, pool supplies and accessory stores can provide pool covers for all ranges and sizes of pools and will have the tools available to get one to you as soon as possible and ensure that your pool is safely secured.

Additionally if they do not, they will know the location of sellers and suppliers that can provide the materials or visit your residence to ensure that they have the safest and most durable pool cover ready for installation so that everyone can have a fun time in the sun without the threat of danger when a responsible supervisor is not around.

Consulting your pool shop professional with all the details surrounding your in-ground pool and what you want out of your in-ground pool safety cover can help to minimise the costs associated with the acquisition and installation process as well as ensure that you get the right materials, right fit and right style of safety cover suitable for your pool.

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