What are the best In-ground Pool Cleaners?

If you can’t imagine taking a deep in a “green” pool, not the eco-friendly green but the slimy green kind, then an in-ground pool cleaner should be a staple in your storage room. An unkempt pool will breed all types of bacteria and microorganisms and will result to green, slimy, algae-full pool. Improper sanitation may also result to non-existent visual clarity of water and transmission of infectious diseases.

Proper sanitation should also be done regularly; cleaning your pool only once after a long while is no different than not cleaning it; it will just be more difficult as the walls and floors will be covered in dirt, not to mention you have to replace the entire pool tank with clean water, which can be really costly.

Filtration of the pool pump alone is not enough to clean your in-ground pool. You need to add something that would lessen the burden of the filter and improve the cleanliness of not only the water, but also the walls and floors. There are many types of in-ground pool cleaners but the popular ones are through the use of vacuums and robots.


What are the types of in-ground pool cleaners?

Manual Pool Cleaner – This is the type that involves work on your end, as you’ll have to manually tread all over the pool to ensure that everything is clean. You need to use a vacuum that you need to run on the walls, pool floor, and steps.

Buy a manual cleaner only if you have time to do the work yourself or you can pay someone to do it for a minimal amount, if you have a small sized in-ground pool that won’t take ages to clean, if your budget is tight (manual pool vacuums cost between $100 and $200), and if you are a perfectionist.

Suction Side Automatic Cleaner – This type of in-ground pool cleaner is used for fine dirt particles in your pool, such as sand. This cleaner is connected to the skimmer and sucks the dirt and debris that will be passed onto the filter directly.

This type of cleaner also act as scrubbers as they move around the pool floor and walls. The downside is that it will give more work to your filter so you have to clean the filter more and get a pump/filter that is cost efficient and durable.

Pressure Side Cleaner – Get this type of cleaner if you have a lot of large debris such as leaves, twigs and nuts. This cleaner works by using the pressure made by your pool pump.

The pressure enables the cleaner to move around and collect debris and dirt that will go straight to a separate filtration bag. The only downside for this is you might have to install a separate booster pump; otherwise this cleaner might not function as effectively.

Robotic Pool Cleaner – If you don’t want to supervise cleaning all the time, get the robotic pool cleaner as this one is a self-contained machine that goes off on its own to scrub the floor and walls. This type of in-ground pool cleaner is obviously more expensive.

The cheapest one may be around $600 and it can go up to $3,000 depending on the brand and the size. However, it may prove worth it, as robotic cleaners are very efficient at cleaning both with small or fine debris and big debris like leaves and nuts.

It holds its own filter bag and wouldn’t put pressure on your pump and filter. This is also an eco-friendly alternative because it runs on its own power and won’t add to the electricity consumption of the pump.

Solar Powered Pool Cleaner – This is the most eco-friendly of them all because it uses solar power to function. However, it can only clean debris from the surface such as leaves, nuts, acorns, and other dirt that floats on your pool. This cleaner will not scrub and clean the floor and walls.


What are the recommended in-ground pool cleaner brands?


Water Tech Pool Blaster Max (Manual Pool Cleaner)

Water Tech Pool Blaster Max Li Pool & Spa Cleaner
  • Powered by rechargeable, Lithium Ion battery technology.
  • Easy push-button on/off swithc.
  • Comes included with (1) reusable X-Treme Multilayer Filter to pick up large and fine debris!


This cleaner works perfectly on any surface: concrete, tile, vinyl, or fiberglass. It is also very easy to handle and use because of its lightweight parts. It comes with its own hoses, external pumps or electrical cords and enables it to operate completely free of any connection to the main filter system.


Baracuda G3 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner

Zodiac BARACUDA G3 W03000 Advanced Suction Side Automatic Pool Cleaner
  • Quiet, powerful suction cleaner; works with low-speed pumps for maximum efficiency.
  • Devours small and medium-sized debris and cleans floor, walls and steps of your entire pool.
  • FlowKeeper Valve automatically regulates water flow to maintain peak cleaning performance even with lower horsepower pumps.


This cleaner thoroughly scrubs and cleans floors and walls and keeps the water free from dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, and leaves. It cleans your pool quickly and quietly without putting too much burden on your filter and pump. Its compact and self-adjusting flow control valve automatically regulates water flow, ensuring peak performance


Zodiac Polaris Vac-Sweep Head and Hose Pressure Side Pool Cleaner

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
  • Powered by triple jets and advanced cleaning technology
  • Works in all in-ground pools of any size and shape.Tail Sweep PRO Compatible
  • Sweeps, scrubs, and vacuums the bottom and walls of your pool


This cleaner requires a separate booster pump to function well. Double jets power this cleaner for greater vacuum power and faster cleaning. It has its own single chamber filter bag where captured debris is stored, ensuring that your filter won’t be troubled. Polaris cleaners are the number one recognized brand of pool cleaners worldwide and have enjoyed 40 years as the top selling pressure pool cleaner.


Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Swivel Cable

Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Pool Cleaner with Dual Scrubbing Brushes Ideal for Pools Up To 50 Feet
  • Cleans pool floor, cove and walls ideal for pools up to 50 feet
  • Dual scrubbing brushes attack tough dirt, debris and particulates
  • Lots of leaves - No Problem! Large capacity bottom load filter


Effectively scrubs, vacuums, and filters your swimming pool with minimal assistance because it can work freely on its own.  It will climb walls preventing dirt or algae build up. In just about 3 hours, your entire pool will be sparkly clean. It has easy to clean cartridge filter with spring clean up filter and patented swivel cable helps prevent tangling.


Floatron Solar Powered Natural Pool Cleaner

Bestseller No. 1
Solar-Breeze NX2 robotic solar pool cleaner New for 2018!
  • The Solar-Breeze NX2 skims, filters and sanitizes your pool using only free solar energy - lowering your pool maintenance and energy costs. Takes the hassle out of pool maintenance.


This low maintenance cleaner powered by solar panels effectively captures debris and eliminates algae and dirt. It is not only portable and cost-effective; it also reduces the use of chlorine by 80%. The low maintenance system requires very little attention.



With the pros and cons listed above for each in-ground pool cleaner type, hopefully you will be able to decide which cleaner is right for your needs. Remember to put into consideration the size of your pool, your budget, and the capacity of your filter and pumps. Cleaners are a great investment because it will keep your pool hygienic and in tip-top shape.

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